Flood Information for Residents

Local contacts for Flood Information
Val & Ian Burgess on 620973:       Angela & Alan Darlington on 620281

Sandbags & Flood Protection
A Flood Resilience Store has been installed behind Village Hall containing sandbags for use during floods.  These may need filling if full sandbags have been used up. Residents can make use of this supply when there is a flood alert.  If the sandbags are in a suitable condition for reuse after a flooding episode they should be returned to the flood store.  Alternatively please inform the contacts above so that the store can be replenished as needed.
FloodSax:  We have a limited number of FloodSax available.  These are lightweight sacks which can be used outside or inside (for instance, for preventing flood water rising in toilets) and should be soaked in water before use.  This can be done in a bucket or sink, or using a hose or watering can when they are in place,.  They are very suitable for use by people who can’t manage sandbags and can be easily stored indoors.  Residents can obtain them from www.floodsax.co.uk.  Other products may be available through searching the Internet.   Instructions for use of FloodSax.

Get Flood Warnings by phone, email or text (free service)
Find out how to sign up by clicking here or by calling Floodline: 0345 988 1188 (24 hour service).

Useful numbers

DCC Emergency Planning:  01629 538364
Floodline:  0345 988 1188, quickdial code: 206007 (24 hour service) for current flood warnings. (The type talk number for this service is 0345 602 6340).

Complete list of contact numbers for Environment Agency, Derbyshire County Council, Severn Trent & High Peak Borough Council to call in the event of flooding:-

Who To Contact:                                        Who to Contact (printable text only version)

Environment Agency Resources

National Flood Forum:   Charity to help and support those at flood risk
www.nationalfloodforum.org.uk  01299 403 055

Blue Pages:  Independent directory of flood products and services

Flood Re: Joint initiative between government and insurers to make flood cover more affordable.

Downloadable documents

Preventative Measures

Report blocked drains and gullies on the Derbyshire County Council flooding app here