Current issues: Traffic Safety Issues

Castleton Traffic Safety Issues

Letter from Derbyshire County Council  2021

This is a response to a letter sent by Castleton Parish Council to DCC Highways and copied to others in local government positions, expressing concerns about speeding traffic at Spital Bridge, Buxton Road and at other points in the village. The Parish Council wanted to make the letter public because it states the traffic safety policy of DCC very clearly and suggests ways in which residents could take action.

DCC Parking Proposals

DCC Proposals scrapped.  Parish Council Report November 2017

Derbyshire County Council ’s original proposals for on-street parking charges & waiting restrictions for How Lane, Back St., Bargate, Mill Bridge, Castle St. & Buxton Rd can be seen in the following documents:

Proposed Traffic Regulation Order
DCC’s Statement of Reasons

The action taken by the Parish Council is described in the following documents:

Parish Council Action Plan August 2016
Press Release August 2016
Update September 2016
Update March 2017.