Castleton Village Email Group

This group has been set up by villagers for Villagers to try and improve communication for us all.
It’s very simple to join, just email us at with your preferred email address, and we will add you to our list and send you information on how to use the group.
You will then be able to email the whole group at the press of a button, at any time about anything which you think would be of interest to villagers, including local events, local issues, asking for or offering help or items and much more!!
Lets all help everyone in our village feel connected
Thanks from Villagers
Kate Stanyon, Paul Newberry & Alan Rainbow

How it works…….
Purpose of Castleton Village Email Google Group
To keep people living and working in Castleton connected and to allow members to exchange information
Membership only available for Castleton residents, Business owners and people who work in Castleton
If you are interested re personal information, the group is a closed group which allows us to keep it local. It is not visible to the general public searching Google Groups
Membership will enable you send emails to everyone currently registered with the group without using their individual addresses, using the address:
What can be emailed Local events, in Castleton and neighbouring villages, Local group notices (WI, historical/ photographic society, church etc). Items offered free or for sale/ Items wanted, Offers of help/ Requests for help. News items, Lost and found, Security information (suspicious events, break-ins etc) Full set of membership rules available on request & sent to you on joining. All members must abide by the rules
For Further information or to Register your email address
Email now with your name, where you live & eligibility criteria for joining
Look forward to hearing from you
Kate Stanyon, Paul Newberry & Alan Rainbow, Castleton Villagers