Castleton Silver Band

Mondays 6.30 – 7.30 pm: Hope Sports Pavilion.

IWB_5495 websmallThe Silver Band is famous in the Valley, playing at Castleton Garland, Wakes and Wells festivals and many Christmas carol services.

There is a growing Training Band – the largest in the area.  People of all ages (8 – 80 with their own front teeth) who want to learn an instrument can join us; we provide a loan instrument and lessons to get them started. After a lesson or two they then join in playing a range of pieces with the band – Handel, Happy Birthday, Abba, Robbie Williams.


IWB_5493 websmallIn 2017, 7 new members joined (2 adults, 1 teenager and 4 children). There are now over 25 members, many in their first year of playing.  


Any brass instruments that can be loaned or donated to the band will be greatly appreciated and will be insured by the band.  Spare mouthpieces are always useful.  Musicians who can read basic music are most welcome to become a ‘pointer’ on a rota to help new musicians keep up with the music when playing with the band.

IWB_5496 websmallAnyone wanting to help or join the band can call or email John Whitfield.  People who can play the basics can join straightaway; new starters will join a waiting list so that they can be taught the basics in groups

John Whitfield

01433 621826