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Derbyshire Alert is a community messaging service provided by Derbyshire Constabulary.  Click here to register to receive Alert message direct to your email address.

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28 1 22:  Bradwell: Shed break In.
Police are appealing for information after a shed was entered and an electric bike was stolen in Bradwell, Hope Valley.  The incident happened between 8pm and 11pm on Sunday 23rd January in the Springfield Road area.

Previous messages:-

Vehicle Stolen in Bamford: Police Appeal for Information
On Friday 21 a Landrover Discovery was stolen from the centre of Bamford. The vehicle was recovered later. Derbyshire Police are asking anyone who has relevant information to contact them. See link above.

23 November 2021:  Online Christmas Shopping Scam

Scam calls about suspension of National Insurance Number received by local residents. Details here.

21.1.19 Rogue traders target elderly residents in Derbyshire.
Following 3 cases when rogue traders approached elderly people offering to repair roof tiles, Derbyshire Police have issued this advice

A legitimate trader will never:

  • Call without an appointment
  • Ask you to withdraw money from a bank or make a bank transfer
  • Offer to take you to withdraw any money
  • Ask you to pay in full before the work is complete
  • Insist a decision is made there and then on the work
  • Intimidate you into having work done

 25.1.18. Take 5 to Stop Fraud:

Avoid becoming victim of a scam – visit

17 October 2017:  Phishing: How to protect yourself
Fraudsters create authentic looking emails purporting to be from genuine companies or even someone you know in order to defraud you.  The emails are designed to infect your devices with malicious software (malware) or to steal sensitive information such as your financial details or passwords.

Attachments & Links
Don’t open attachments or click on the links in any unsolicited emails you receive.  Email is the #1 delivery vehicle for ransomware and other forms of malware.  The links could lead to malicious sites designed to infect your computer with malware or steal your personal & financial details.

Your details
Never respond to emails that ask for your personal or financial details. Your bank won’t send you emails asking for this type of information.